CV Fly In
Come join in the fun at the Carrabassett Valley
Summer Festival - Fireworks at dusk
Welcome to the Maine's High Peaks Visitors
Center located in Carrabassett Valley, Maine
Mountains, moonlight,
music . . . magic!
Canoe and Kayaking in Maine High Peaks
There is plenty of river and lake to go around to take a 'yak or canoe trip in Maine's High Peaks Region!
Moose Watching
Now that the warmer weather is approaching, we might be able to see over some of the melting snowbanks and see some wildlife, like moose!
Birding in Maines High Peaks
With the winter behind us, the birds have come back to Maine's High Peaks and can be seen everywhere!
Stratton - Eustis Sign
Welcome to
the Town of Eustis and the Village of Stratton
Welcome to
the Town Carrabassett Valley
Town of Kingfield Sign
Welcome to
the Town of Kingfield